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 Brand Affiliate Program

We are looking for motivated individuals that love our brand and believe in our mission to join our squad! All of our team members start out as Brand Ambassadors. This is a great way for us to start out our working relationship as we get to know each other. We want you to love and fully believe in our products and what we stand for, so this allows you to get to know us without signing a contract for brand exclusivity.  During this time we love getting to know our affiliates as well and we pay close attention to who is posting and engaging with us, WE LOVE IT! 

There is no cost to join our team. 


    • Post 1x per month

    • Have @zonawear in your bio (link tree is okay)


From our group of Brand Affiliates we will be selecting individuals that go above and beyond what is required. Some examples of things we will take into consideration may be posting, engaging, driving sales, creating content and showcasing a true love and loyalty to our brand. These affiliates will be hand selected and promoted to our Zona Leaders. This will come with some additional perks as a thank you for all your hard work. Our Zona Leaders will also have the opportunity to be selected to be placed on an upcoming PR list to receive and review new products before they launch! 


    • Post 1x per week.

    • Have @zonawear in your bio (link tree is okay)

    • Public Instagram and or Tiktok Account (Can not be set to private)


Our Brand Ambassadors hold our most elite status. These individuals are experts in their field and their personal brands align with and represent our brands goals and mission. Our Brand Ambassadors will be able to take part in Zona Wear Apparel trips and events and be showcased on our website. Each Ambassador will sign contracts. More perks and details will be discussed with these individuals. Our Ambassadors are hand selected. We will be taking social media following and engagement into consideration for this position. 


    • Requirements Outlined in Contract

Program Terms and Conditions

Future Ambassador

Thanks for submitting!

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